Ron and Ian Forsyth are brothers and great grandsons of Captain George Forsyth. George’s son, their late grandfather, William Laurence Forsyth, was a shipwright in Albany and Fremantle, and their late uncle, George’s grandson, Keith Gibson Forsyth, was head of the WA Department of Harbour and Light between 1942 and 1969.

Ron Forsyth

Ron retired in 2014 after a career in agriculture and finance, and lives in Victoria Park, Western Australia. He began researching his great grandfather’s story in the 1990s, starting with virtually no information other than that George had been a harbour master in Fremantle. His extensive research, using mainly State Records Office and library resources, resulted in an unpublished family history titled …And Ships Lay in Perfect Safety: A Biography of George Andrew Duncan Forsyth 1843-1894, a copy of which is in the Fremantle History Centre, Fremantle Library.


Ian Forsyth

Ian retired from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 2008 after a career of 40 years in international trade and foreign relations, including as an Australian Ambassador in Turkey, Poland/Czech Republic and Paris (OECD). He lives in Canberra, and Mollymook (NSW). Working together with new resources, they have supplemented Ron’s earlier research and prepared a manuscript they believe would be of interest to a wider audience than just family, particularly those interested in maritime and colonial history, and colonial art.